'Waking With’ is a visual collective of illustrations, graphics, and photography which embodies the powerful yet, sensual side of our favorite female super heroes. These strong, mysterious women are captured n a sexy, realistic light- through cosplay. Our vision is primarily centered around the artistic value of ‘cosplay’ and not the actual characters or stories themselves. 'Waking With' bends the balance between dreams and reality. Transporting the characters from their comic universe to the waking fantasy of ours.

Interested in becoming a Waking With Model? Send us your best character inspired cosplay photo for a shot at working with our team and representing 'Waking With" at the next Comicon.

Become part of the ‘Waking With’ crew We are currently looking for models, stylists, costume designers, illustrators, etc to work on our next series of comic inspired cosplay photoshoots. Professional inquiries only.

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